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I designed a piece of storage furniture in the style of old puppet theatres that refers to both the world of theatre and various role plays. The window-coulisse motif is a key element where the play itself takes place. Parents, children, siblings and friends can be the performers and audience alike. The unit is portable, therefore, accessible from both sides. Puppetry is the key at the backside, while the front features a number of storage slots.

Dimensions: 67.4 x 26 x 124.4 cm

Materials: 12 mm birch plywood (theatre-storage), 15 mm birch plywood (leg and wheels); textile

Woodworking consultant and manufacturer: Kanizsa Trend Kft.; Ágnes Budai Radványiné, Gábor Wilheim

DSC09032-copy.jpg DSC09044-copy.jpg DSC09048-copy.jpg DSC09046-copy.jpg