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School start brings great changes in every child’s and parent’s lives. Parental assistance is often required for learning, homeworks and creative projects. You spend an increasing amount of time with learning during the years, sitting almost all the time. Taligáló offers a healthy alternative. My piece is a standing desk with gradually and simply adjustable height between 75-90 cm to follow kids’ growth. The oblique position of the desktop and the foothold allows for a variety of postures giving a wider range of mobility for children. The drawer and the tray on top serve as storage. It has wheels so you can easily drag it to any points of the children’s room or the flat to enable learning with your parents.

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 90 cm

Materials: solid beech (frame), beech bars, plywood, rope

Woodworking consultant and manufacturing partner: Karrier Bútor Kft.; Rezső Horváth, Ferenc Pintér

DSC08731-copy.jpg DSC08718-copy.jpg DSC08711-copy.jpg DSC08741-copy.jpg