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MINOR is a kids’ sofa offering a private space suitable to play, learn or relax on. It is a deep seating furniture compared to its dimensions allowing for free movement and diverse positions, while its high backrest and sides gives a cosy snugging experience. Its simple, agreeable character and cheerful, vivid colours can make it a favourite with children. Even two children can use it simultaneously, because sharing is not a problem here for snugging together is so much more exciting.

Dimensions: 89 x 55 x 92 cm

Materials:  birch plywood, MDF board, sponge, textile

Woodworking consultant: Ertl Faipri Kft.; József Schweighardt, Csaba Károlyi

DSC08705-copy.jpg DSC08677-copy.jpg DSC08685-copy.jpg DSC08684-copy.jpg