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Meti is a storage system built on children’s activities, behaviour and imagination. Children start school at the age of six when they undergo the greatest and most spectacular development. When I designed the furniture I considered two facts pervading this age. One is that children have the most intensive social interactions and activities. Movements like hanging, jumping or push-ups appear symbolically in the pieces. The other feature is the extensive development and shift of imagination. This way the ensemble has a figurative appearance with limbs and faces, but only as a hint to enable children discover their inner character themselves and see them what they imagine them to be.

Dimensions: 54 x 40.5 x 39 cm

Materials: natural and painted birch plywood

Woodworking consultant: Ricco Mobili Kft.; István Pigler

DSC09004-copy.jpg DSC09013-copy.jpg DSC09015-copy.jpg DSC09022-copy.jpg