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The greatest challenge in primary school age to execute parents’ instructions to tidy up the your children’s room and put the multitude of toys and drawings away at the end of the day. It is quite a test, but kids can do it in a blink of the eye if it is a game. You can drop your items into Lábika from the top, shove large plush figures and toys from the side, and sheets of drawing are “delivered” through a mailbox-like slot. The message board on the inside of the cover is there to keep the key messages.

Lábika, similarly to box benches, is a seat and a storage in one. Mounting its legs gives you a drawing table for your children to kneel before comfortably.

Dimensions: 44 x 82 x 34 cm and 44 x 82 x 57 cm

Materials: 15mm birch plywood

Woodworking consultant: Fagusz Faipari Kft.; Mihály Hajdú

DSC08933-copy.jpg DSC08930-copy.jpg DSC08938-copy.jpg DSC08947-copy.jpg