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KELEMEN is a small storage unit with its own personality. The primary design goals were function and likeability. One version has only shelves, while the other is complemented with a string net section for plush toys where children simply toss their cuddly friends. The head part hides a secret recess. Safety and space-saving were also priorities during design, consequently you can easily attach the unit to the wall, and its compact size makes it suitable for the children’s room in even a tiny apartment. Recommended from 6 years of age.

Dimensions: 72.7 x 30.7 x 107.7 cm

Materials: birch plywood, hollow section, twisted string

Woodworking consultant: Kanizsa Trend Kft.; Ágnes Budai Radványiné, Gábor Wilheim

DSC08841-copy.jpg DSC08845-copy.jpg DSC08820-copy.jpg DSC08852-copy.jpg