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I aimed to design a piece of furniture whose associative shapes and interactive elements gets children’s attention and makes tidying up their room more fun. Fabrika is a modular storage system calling to mind the distinctive silhouettes of old industrial buildings. The cabinets can become a key feature in children’s rooms. Kids cannot only stash their gadgets away in the recesses of the small factory, but also use it as the place for diverse games.

Dimensions: 150 cm x 185 cm x 28 cm

Materials: plywood, rope, furniture hinges, off the shelf components (bucket, console, furniture legs, plastic head screws, carabiners)

Woodworking consultant: Futurus Műhely; Tamás Sándorfi

DSC09062-copy.jpg DSC09058-copy.jpg DSC09057-copy.jpg DSC09064-copy.jpg