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A table designed for siblings to play and study on, but mainly for games. The level differences and cuts enable the table to be used as a terrain, while flat surfaces give room for learning, if needed. The trestle structure of legs expands the table vertically to be used to fix lighting or any other creative use that may come up during games. The cuts on the side panels are also part of the gaming table, while they also reinforce the desk function, because they can be used to lead the cables or as hangers for the school bags.

Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 120 cm

Materials: birch plywood, organic oil (panels), painted solid beech (legs)

Woodworking consultant: Garzon Bútor Kft.; Károly Zahola jr.

DSC08647-copy.jpg DSC08672-copy.jpg DSC08654-copy.jpg DSC08650-copy.jpg