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Download the baby room – Download Design Baby

The Download Design Project, which made its début to resounding success at last year’s HOMEDesign Fair, is still going strong this year. Close to 60 articles reported about Hungary’s first open design driven furniture initiative, launched by MOME, and the complimentary manufacturing drawings for its 13 pieces of furniture have been downloaded from the website more than nine-hundred times. (The download count for the most popular item’s drawings currently stands above 150.) The purpose of the Download Design initiative—planned to span several years—is to promote the spirit of open design by allowing users access freely downloadable manufacturing drawings and working designs for design furniture that is at once affordable and easy to build using know-how and skills available in Hungary’s joinery industry.

The crowd-driven open design movement is a new form of knowledge sharing. Designers’ once exclusive know-how now becomes a treasure-trove for the general public in the spirit of ecological, social and economic sustainability. Open design projects shift the emphasis from consumption to sharing, as their conviction is that true well-being is to be achieved through cooperation instead of consumption.

That is why open design’s motto is accessibility, rather than inexpensiveness.  The Download Design Project also intends to make something—design furniture (manufacturing drawings) in this case—accessible to as many people as possible, democratising the distribution and attainability of know-how, assets and resources, as it were. By allowing considerably more efficient access than ever before, open design is simply trying to create fairer and more equitable conditions, doing so in the hope of making the world a happier and more just place.

While in 2015 the theme was first independent homes, designers focused on the arrival of the first baby this year, and that is why the Project’s current title became Download Design Baby.  2016 saw the creation of 11 pieces of furniture intended for the baby room, specifically with the 0–3 age group in mind. The designer pieces tend to combine multiple functions, and include a cradle, a baby bed, a high chair, a wagon, a toy and even a climbing frame.

Implemented through the combined effort of industrial players, the Download Design Project is a win-win for everyone. Users can get their hands on free design drawings and manufacture their furniture at realistic prices within average joinery industry conditions in Hungary or even on a DIY-basis in their own workshops. (Organisers capped the raw material cost of the pieces at HUF 50 thousand in 2016, but in many cases it does not even reach HUF 15 thousand.) Users can eliminate packaging and marketing costs or shipping charges, not to mention merchants’ profit margins. In addition, they bolster local business, since they rely on local resources and raw materials; not only are they cutting back on waste generation and environmental pollution as a result, but using open design services also means they are optimising their ecological footprint.

Yet, the project’s winners are not only users and local workshops, but the designers, i.e. students at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), who share their knowledge with the general public. First, they receive tangible feedback from users in the form of likes and downloads, second, they can learn everything there is to know about furniture design through their deliberations with supervising university consultants and joinery industry partners who build the prototypes.

As members of Bútorszövetség (Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries), the latter have committed to backing students up as trade partners, familiarising them with joinery industry technologies and how their plants and workshops operate, moreover to fronting manufacturing costs for multiple pieces of the furniture.  Growing trust among industry actors is an additional forward-looking reward of this progressive attitude in cooperation, along with the dialogue that has started and the long term partnerships created. In turn, such synergies combine to drive the development and competitiveness of Hungary’s furniture industry.

(This year, expo visitors will even have the chance to make some of the items in the Download Design Baby furniture range on the spot, in the form of guided workshops at the adjacent Wood Like stand.)

Cooperating partners:
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries (Bútorszövetség)
Hungexpo, Construma–HOMEDesign Trade Exhibition

Project ManagerCurator:

Rita Mária Halasi (design expert)

Supervising teachers (furniture design):

István Juhász (DLA, assistant professor, MOME)

András Kerékgyártó (assistant lecturer, MOME)

Psychologist expert:

Anna Jablonkai, psychologist-somatic pedagogy practitioner

Furniture designers (MOME students):

Áron Baki, Gergő Bódi, Sára Kenéz, Adrienn Király, Márton Kőműves, Botond Lakatos, Levente Lévai, Franciska Nagy, Gellért Ollé, Ágnes Papp, Brigitta Péni

Joinery industry consultants, contractors:

Arden Design Kft., Árkossy Bútor Kft., Garzon Bútor Zrt., Kanizsa Kárpit Kft., Karrier Bútor Kft., Katona Manufaktúra, Lajos Kozma Timber Industry Vocational Secondary School, Ligeti Design Kft., Sőregi Mester Kft.; Varkoly Fiai Kft.

Image designers (MOME students):

Katalin Boromissza and Adrienn Császár




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