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The Download Design project implemented in partnership between Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, the Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries (Bútorszövetség) and Hungexpo initiates an unconventional cooperation between designers, producers and users. Designers utilise the assistance of producers (in this case woodworking professionals) to share the product of their professional competence an creativity with the public free of charge.

The socialisation of design has always had a prominent role for Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design besides the fundamental purpose of the institution. In addition to making design culture more available, MOME also drives and supports the development of interest in and sophistication for design. The students who participated in the project experienced the sense of implementation as well as the joy and success of giving and sharing. Download Design initiated by MOME is the first open design project in Hungary. The partnership aims to make manufacturing drawings / working designs of design furniture available for users to download free of charge in the spirit of contemporary open design solutions, which are both affordable and easy to implement under Hungarian woodworking conditions.

The open design movement with its community and social approach is the new form of knowledge sharing. The Internet take designers’ hitherto exclusive knowledge into the public domain in the spirit of ecological, social and economic sustainability. Open design projects shift emphasis from consumption to cooperation and sharing.

We are planning to stretch the project over multiple years with a specific theme for each year. In the first year in 2015, the core concept was “My first home”. University students set out to design furniture they consider the most useful for young people starting their independent living. The consultation partners of students on woodwork matters and the manufacturers of the furniture exhibited were volunteer Hungarian carpentry companies. Bútorszövetség organised and coordinated the participation of carpenter shops, and the members of the Furniture Association covered the production costs of the works. Hungexpo and the OtthonDesign Fair as cooperating partners supported the project by exhibition booths and communication spaces.

After the closing of the Fair, we offer the exhibited furniture for charity.

Cooperating partners:
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Association of Hungarian Furniture and Woodworking Industries
Hungexpo – OtthonDesign Fair

Project Manager – Curator:
Rita Mária Halasi (acting director, MOME)

Supervisor teacher (furniture design):
István Juhász (DLA, university assistant professor, MOME)



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